Solvency II Explained


Solvency II is a European wide objective to fundamentally transform the regulatory framework for the EU insurance industry. It will strengthen the industry and provide a safety net for policyholders and supporting market stability. Solvency II, takes into account the insurance sector’s vital economic functions of risk management and capital allocation, and the challenges EU companies are facing in the global economy.

The requirements for delivering and demonstrating the standards of risk management and governance will be challenging, and especially so for groups that operate in multiple countries. Implementing Solvency II will require higher levels of data quality and management, greater levels of disclosure and transparency, together with additional and more frequent reporting.

To support your Solvency II efforts and implementation process, we have compiled notable documents, analysis, and relevant product information which we hope will assist you and give you the information needed to address the challenges of this important directive.

Wolters Kluwer Financial Services is a comprehensive risk management business singularly focused on helping financial services organisations mitigate compliance, operational and financial risk across their business. Whether it's capital management, risk management strategy or regulatory reporting, we understand the challenges of Solvency II and are committed to helping executives align risk-based decisions with business goals.

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