Solvency II Explained

A Solvency II solution that fits your role.


The CRO's role is a balancing act, affected by the company's corporate aims, strategy and structure, as well as its risk strategy. The CRO interacts with other group functions such as finance, compliance, internal audit and actuarial.

We provide modules that support specific risk management activities such as incident recording and risk assessment. These modules can be tailored to match individual risk frameworks that include workflow and reporting to ensure that the activities are accurately accomplished and relevant people are made aware of status.

In order to best support critical policy and business decisions, our solution quantifies and reports critical risks in a concise and effective manner by using enterprise indicators to facilitate the quantification and reporting of risk and compliance information.

Additionally, we offer an incident collection process to provide a consistent and structured approach to identify, capture, analyse and report on operational losses and breaches. Incident recording promotes transparent and effective management of loss events and compliance breaches.

  • Enterprise risk executive dashboards

  • Scorecards

  • Indicators

  • ORSA obligation support

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