Solvency II Explained


A Solvency II Solution That Meets All Three Pillars

Wolters Kluwer Financial Services is ready to help insurers shift their approach from a segregated silo to an integrated programme for managing risks. In doing so, we can help insurers thrive under Solvency II and use it as an opportunity to strengthen their firms efforts through best practises.

Our solution helps executives align risk-based decisions with business goals and do so with a comprehensive view of risk data that is powered by advanced analytics. The modular configuration allows you to enhance or replace existing systems, thus supporting a more modern, risk-sensitive approach for organisations of all sizes and complexity. Our market-leading tools are populated with pre-defined content and best practises that deliver expertise to every user—promoting greater visibility, transparency, and control, and helping to address the organisational challenges of Solvency II.

There are many roles required for a successful Solvency II programme—finance, risk and compliance must all participate and interconnect. To be successful, they need the right tools and specialised intelligence that are specific to their functions. An easily identifiable and dedicated view of Solvency II means that each role gets what it needs for compliance, leading to a single version of truth.

Wolters Kluwer Financial Services provides compliance, finance and risk with the intelligence and tools that correspond to their responsibilities.

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